Who we are 

We have experience because we have been in the wood industry for over 20 years. LG Woods LTDA Epp is located in the city of Ituporanga-SC, more precisely on the Rua Nile Wiro Juttel, 176, in the industrial district of the city, was founded in April 2007, after the founders who possessed pine forests and eucalyptus need services Specialized for their forestry.

Our mission

We believe that by giving examples of sustainability and local development through the reforestation of eucalyptus and Pinus, we can benefit such products by increasing the aggregate value of wood for all, completing the cycle of wood with pallets For export, timber for furniture, timber for civil construction and biomass.

You can be a supplier partner LG Woods:

We make business partnerships with producers in the form of land lease for planting eucalyptus and/or Pinus.

We buy new reforestation areas with contract for extraction in the future.

We perform forest management in Pinus reforestation areas

By promoting this opportunity to producers in the region of Ituporanga/SC, LG Woods seeks to support and encourage the planting of reforestations offering a very profitable culture. For this purpose, we give all the support to the producers by remedying their doubts through our contacts. 1-To learn more about how to get a lucrative reforestation visit our blog: Forest profit.  In it you will find tips on planting, handling, pest fighting and all kinds of information needed to start a reforestation from scratch or make what you already have more profitable. 2-to become one of our suppliers, click here and contact us. If you prefer, call the LG woods via the number (47) 3533-5182 or even through the email: contato@lgmadeiras.com